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MYDOs to Legogo target King and Queen Mackerel

MYDOs to Legogo target King and Queen Mackerel

MYDOs to Legogo target King and Queen Mackerel: In this quick video we introduce the MYDO Queen Mackerel Spread. Which is like a mini-MYDO King Mackerel Spread. Which also features here since Jan of Klerksdorp is after both.

And he is going to Legogo!

You can watch on YouTube right HERE.

Deep in Mozambique this place has it all. You can cast from the rocks or the beach. Or venture out deep-sea. Boats roar in to Legogo from all sides to fish these rich waters.


All the usual suspects are present and accounted for. Including those huge GTs. There are shallow grounds to fish too. North of Legogo is a favourite hang out for Queen Mackerel. Aka Natal Snoek.


As in all of Mozambique, billfish are the main attraction here. Some spectacular canyon-like architecture exists down deep. And not too far out either.

MYDO King Mackerel Spread

MYDO Couta Spread for Legogo
MYDO Couta Spread for Legogo

Some of the heavier duty rigged traces in this spread will hold into a billfish. The wire being the weakest link. Which is why we rig with double wire droppers to the 5 X hooks. Which let go of nothing once they have found purchase. Big kingfish will also succumb to these heavy traces.

So we have the big guys. 4 Ounces of deep-diving pleasure. Mated to a serious 3 dropper trace that can extend out to 60cm. Big baits for big fish.

The 3 ounce beauty is for shad, mackerel, walla walla, wolf herring and bonito.

The 2 ounce for halfbeaks and sardines. Or smaller versions of the above.

At 1 ounce we have traces for small baits like sprats and maasbanker. And for fillet baits! Fillet baits catch an incredible array of fish. Including valuable bait species.

A MYDO Daisy Chain rigged with wire for fillets right on top makes sure you will get bait. Or a decent fish – these things catch everything.

MYDO Queen Mackerel Spread

MYDO Queen Mackerel Spread for Legogo
MYDO Queen Mackerel Spread for Legogo

Starts with a 2-ounce couta trace meant to be swum with a long thin bait. Or a long juicy fillet. Queen Mackerel like long skinny baits.

Fillet baits are easy and effective when fished on MYDOs like this. A single hook up front holds the bait in place. And the treble at the back does the heavy lifting.

MYDO Silver Bullet StripBaitSwimmers come with and without dusters up front.

There are also some MYDO SS Spoons in the kit. I don’t have to say one word about those things do I? Excepting that the price of the stainless steel has rocketed up!

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