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Hi and thank you for stopping by at the MYDO International website. Here you can learn all you need, to catch the trophy fish you are dreaming of. And buy the tackle to tackle it with! -*– PLEASE use the WhatsApp button floating about on the screen for any queries you might have…I am right here!…TX!

King and Queen Mackerel Spreads discussed in detail…


You could consider visiting and then subscribing for free to our MYDO Tackle Talk YouTube channel. By clicking right here. South Africans can more easily use The Sardine News online shop to buy Mydos from. Free delivery for spending over R500.

This is the list of fish species we cater to:

  • all the mackerel
  • all the tunas
  • all the billfish
  • all the trevallies
  • mahi mahi
  • cobia
  • snapper, bream and other estuarine toothies
  • bluefish, tarpon, permit, mulloway and other surf gamefish
  • bass, pike and other freshwater gamefish

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