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MYDOs Fast vs Slow

Greenspot Kingfish by Christopher and Mydos

Mydos Fast vs Slow

Mydos Fast vs Slow: Two factors are being affected when you choose your perfect MYDO Baitswimmer for the job – depth and speed. And you have two variables to work with.

Weight. And blade size.


If you have a big bait that you want to sit right underneath your spread or chum slick, use the Bluefin Bomber at 4 or 5 ounces.

Southern Bluefin Tuna caught on secret downrigger rigger by Marc White off St. Frances South Africa 3.0
Southern Bluefin Tuna caught on MYDO down rigged bait by Marc White off St. Frances South Africa

For casting your paddletail into the teeth of a howling offshore, you can go right up to 3 ounces with your 6 inch paddletail.

HUGE kob on paddletail at The Block
HUGE kob on paddletail at The Block

For sailfish, kingfish, tuna and all the other surface feeders, you need to be as light as you can yet still swim your chosen bait right.

These fish use the bait silhouette against the surface to ambush from below. And when your offering actually breaks the surface, it increases the visibility of you bait by miles. This is why it’s so cool to crank your bait fast enough for it to pop up and out of the water every metre or so. That splash leaves a trail for predators to follow.

Surface feeder gallery…

Blade Size

Big wide blades produce a lot of drag and therefore action. But you need to work out your speed parameters. Too fast and the thing starts breaking bad. Swims all over the place.

Smaller blades enable faster trolling. And more of a surface silhouette and disturbance as you drag or cast ’em around at varying speeds and actions.


There are many factors to take into account when choosing the right MYDO Baitswimmer for the job. The task at hand might be so technical that only a MYDO can do it. Like swimming huge baits down deep. Or combining a plug effect with a paddeltail to take full advantage of the versatility of these Mydos.

Either way, the right tool for the job is the message of this video.


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