MYDO Queen Mackerel Spread



MYDO Queen Mackerel Spread

MYDO Silver Bullet BaitSwimmer rigged Maasbanker 1 Ouncefor King and Queen Mackerel
MYDO Silver Bullet BaitSwimmer rigged Maasbanker 1 Ounce
for King and Queen Mackerel

MYDO Queen Mackerel Spread: starts with a 2-ounce couta trace meant to be swum with a long thin bait. Or a long juicy fillet. Queen Mackerel like long skinny baits. This trace is telescopic and can be used to swim a cute little live bait too.

With all of the kit in the “Snoek Spread”, you can go slow as you like, even drift. Or fire up and make those fish chase you at up to 9 knots. The spread will behave perfectly. Some baits will stay down and swim like crazy. The others will come up on top and snake in the wake. Creating a pattern of surface disturbances that silhouette indelibly against the sun.

Off the front of the boat ought to be two guys casting non-stop out at 45 degrees forward of the moving boat. These lures need to be cranked fast back to the boat so as not to interfere with the working spread out back. And to entice any fish out there in those forward quadrants, to come and take a look – and do some shopping.

There is a lot on offer for fish in this spread. And it’s all FREE (to any respectable Snoek wanting a ride on your boat)!

You gotta let some go BTW! For when these fish turn on, you can practically fill your boat. But don’t. They are an endemic species and as humans, we are well-known for flattening endemic stocks of anything and everything we can.

Fillet Baits

Fresh fillet baits are slick and effective when fished on MYDOs like this. A single hook up front holds the bait in place. And the super sharp and strong treble at the back does the heavy lifting.

MYDO Silver Bullet StripBaitSwimmers come with and without dusters up front.

There are a few surface-swimming MYDO Daisy Chains on the spread that catch anything and everything. Shad to sailfish.

There are also some MYDO SS Spoons in the kit. I don’t have to say one word about those things do I? Excepting that the price of the stainless steel has rocketed up!

MYDO Silver Bullet w Plastic

You don’t even need to take frozen bait with you any longer. It’s all about getting fresh live bait and using that. And to catch bait like bonnies, to fish live or cut into strips of fillet, these little lures work wonders.

Finding Queen Mackerel

From Southern KZN north. And at any time of the year…you might bump into a shoal of these delectable and sporty fish. They are definitely NOT as plentiful as they were when I was growing up. But you still get the odd surprise as they appear all around. Jumping clear of the water in their unique aerial style.


These fish swim shallow. Real shallow. You can get to them from the rocks or the beach with ease. And man-oh-man is that a trophy for off-the-side fishing.

If you are on a boat, luckily you can see them operating and you can try to head them off. They swim fast too, even when they are not hunting so project your meeting point way ahead and tangent in that direction. Allowing for the spoon guys up front to have the first shot.

Fighting Queen Mackerel

Ease off on the drag. We are using tiny hooks. And as strong as they are, Queen Mackerel have soft mouths and the hooks will pull if you put too much pressure. Furthermore, it’s a wondrous fight on light tackle. And at these drag settings. You can literally use a bass rod to flick tiny lures at these fish. And as long as you have enough braid, it can be as light as you like. Specially since there are not really any sharks along the backline to worry about here in KZN anymore. Read why HERE.

Remember to please let some go!

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