MYDO King Mackerel Spread



MYDO King Mackerel Spread

MYDO King Mackerel Spread: fill your spread with these carefully chosen, rigged and weighted baits. Put the decals along the bottom edge of your boat. You are now a baitball. Moving along fast or slow. Or on the drift. The chandelier lighting effect reflecting the sun at acute angles sends shards of light right through the water column. Catching the attention of anyone down there or around the boat.

* DO not use these decals on your kayak or other smaller fishing vessels. Never put on your surfboard!

MYDO BaitFlasher

MYDO King Mackerel Spread

Consists of 5 sized and weighted baitswimmers and traces you need to create a perfect King Mackerel spread. Starting with the big 2-ounce MYDO Telescopic Trace, this carries your main bait to where your quarry is hanging out. Send this biggest bait of the spread right to the back.

MYDO Telescopic Couta Trace Number One

The next-sized bait is also well-weighted at 1 and a half ounces and can be deployed also with a bigger bait, but this one is kept right close to the transom. At about 8 metres. Then the entire stretch in between is what you populate with the in-between-sized baits. And the ever-important MYDO StripBaitSwimmers. Taking care care of the top of the water column.

These two lures work really well together, staggered by a metre or two, just in and behind the propwash. They are primarily surface lures but when you get a strike and slow down, these guys drop down into the water column and change into swimming baits. Often picking up the second strike as they descend to below the bubbles.

MYDO StripBaitSwimmer
MYDO StripBaitSwimmer

And then the evergreen MYDO Daisy Chain grooving around down one side to make sure you have all the bait options you need for catching big King Mackerel.

MYDO Daisy Chain

And there you have your transformation from boat to baitball.