Become a MYDO Distribution Partner




Become a MYDO Distribution Partner

Become a MYDO Distribution Partner and make your own MYDOs. And sell them. To your mates. Or to fishing tackle stores where you live. Anywhere in the world.

If you gonna make something, make baitswimmers

Making lures is extremely gratifying. It’s a slow process though, not to be rushed. It is to be savoured. Like creating art. Which it is…

And as we come to our senses and stop buying from China, there is rather a large market out there. For bespoke hand-crafted goods of extraordinary quality and performance. Of any kind. Including fishing lures.


By buying this product, the following terms and conditions apply:

  1. you are permitted to make Mydos and sell them online, to your mates, or to tackle stores – restricted to our prior agreement on your zone/area.
  2. orders are run through your website’s pre-priced catalogue (which I will give you as part of the agreement – a fully functional e-commerce easy-to-use website and dashboard, that takes care of all admin)
  3. you are supplied with a set of moulds and the instructions to get you started
  4. full support at all times aswell as detailed instructions and membership to the MYDO Distribution Partner Forum
  5. 10% of sales are paid over quarterly
  6. if you don’t sell anything within 6 months I reserve the right to refund you half and cancel this agreement.
  7. you can also sell your agreement, website, moulds and zone along the line. As a going concern. I will handle the transaction for you. Yes, with a 10% admin fee.
  8. you can also sell an agency underneath you (as will I try), and we shall split that 10% revenue stream 5% each. You will also receive 10% on the sale as a commission. An agency under you cannot sell an agency on further.
  9. replacement or extra moulds are available at a nominal fee from MYDO SA but you can also make your own

Patents and Trademarks

Are in place to protect your investment. We are safe in the knowledge that all our designs are patented worldwide, including California. For some reason, Cali’ is a big deal. But make no mistake, the patents are not as clever as you might think. We just to need assert dominance in the baitswimmer market.

MYDO Tackle Talk Wolf Herring for Bait
MYDO Tackle Talk Wolf Herring for Bait

What’s in the box

A set of 6 moulds. The rest of the equipment and tools needed are in your workshop right now.


#1 – for a 1 ounce weight insert. Swims small baits like sardines.

#2 – 2 ounces for a shad/taylor/elf/bluefish or for swimming deeper with a sardine

#3 – 3 ounces for baits up to 1kg or more

#4 – 4 ounces of deep diving pleasure that can handle baits up to 2 or even 3 kgs.

Luck Shots (tiny baitswimmers)

#1 – quarter ounce for freshwater bassin’. Or other tiny strip and filet baits in the ocean.

#2 – half ounce gets you a little further on the cast and a little deeper on the retrieve

If you’re careful, and you use Vaseline as mould releasant your moulds are good for hundreds of Mydos. But if you’re not careful, pull the heads too early and that kind of thing (detailed in the instructional videos), or you make so many, then you’re gonna need a replacement set.

Good news!

A replacement set of moulds will only cost you USD 50. Plus postage.

An amazingly cool gift

You might know somebody looking to earn extra income? Or hoping to get into the fishing tackle industry? Or moulding production in general? Or trying to stay out of trouble? Well gift them this and let’s make it happen.

MYDO Tackle Talk Wala Walla aka cutlass fish for Bait
MYDO Tackle Talk Wala Walla aka cutlass fish for Bait

Collective Innovation

Will be the result as we as a community can share our success stories (and fails) along the way. The limitless use nature of the baitswimmers means they can adapt to any situation where a predator chases prey underwater. If freshwater is your game let me know I have tiny little shaky head-like baitswimmers for you. I also have totally neutrally buoyant models for suspending baits exactly where you want them to be. Our flying-fish baitswimmer head design is revealed below and is made with the self-same moulds you will use to make conventional baitswimmers.

MYDO Silver Bullet Baitswimer Flying Fish
MYDO Silver Bullet Baitswimer Flying Fish

All new designs will be made available to you as a MYDO Distribution Partner and can be ordered with mould replacement packs. And please feedback to me, and I will make moulds for exactly what you want to make. Blade sizes. Weights. Are all infinitely adjustable.

MYDO Silver Bullet HD Jig Heads
MYDO Silver Bullet HD Jig Heads

Welcome to the Mydo world of fishing lure innovation.

To learn more click on over to our YouTube channel right HERE!

Glyn Williams 434 kg Bluefin Tuna 50lb IGFA World Record
Glyn Williams 434 kg Bluefin Tuna 50lb IGFA World Record