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MYDO Silver Bullet tied as a jig head for dropshot

MYDO Silver Bullet tied as a jig head for dropshot

Rigging the MYDO as a jig head is a super efficient and effective way of fishing

When the dropshot craze hit, I was sucked in hook, line and stinker. I bought so many plastics. And so many jig heads. And this is where the problems came in…

The jig heads that I was getting ahold of, were really dodgy back then. None of the jig heads available were made for kingfish. I lost so many decent fish to straightened hooks after an hour long tussle, that I had to change to my own design.

Luckily I had some old style MYDO Baitswimmers with me at the time, and so I started to experiment in the Pomene estuary up on Mozambique. Where I work often. Every experiment went wrong in the beginning too. Until eventually I realised that I could ‘through-rig’ the number one baitswimmer, and tie a hook on. Any hook!

The problems with regular jig heads

The MYDO Silver Bullet solves these problems with regular jig heads…

  1. the hook is far too far forward on regular jig heads. Every video I have ever shot of a strike shows very clearly that high-speed gamefish attack from behind. If you have the tip of your hook in the front half of your bait, you will miss many, many fish.
  2. many of the jig heads available, cannot handle an angry GT. But with the MYDO Silver Bullet, you can chuck a big old 8/0 O Shaugnessy or Kendall Round in there and you will get your fish out.

More advantages of using the MYDO Silver Bullet as a Jig Head

  1. You can also rig in a second hook if you copy how the Australians rig for couta. Open the eye of the second hook, slide over the first hook and pinch close the eye again.
  2. You can choose the same jig head, but in many weight configurations. The number two as an example, is available from 2 ounces, right down to a quarter ounce. And even in semi-floating configuration for suspended baitswimming in the surf zone (coming soon to the website).
  3. You never have to take the jig head hook out of your plastic bait to replace it every time destroying the plastic a bit more. Just thread in the hook, and leave it there forever. When you want to change plastics, just retie onto the MYDO.

And so the MYDO Silver Bullet series was developed from the experience of adapting the old number one baitswimmer to drop shot fishing. Changing the materials to a composite material mix that still includes some lead, made for an extraordinary new baitswimmer series.

You can order your MYDO Silver Bullet baitswimmers at for South Africa and for internationals.