River Perch

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River perch

Mainly called Perch! Latin name Acanthopagrus Berda. These tough customers thrive in estuarine environments and are seldom caught in the ocean. They do swim right upriver into near freshwater too.

Perch can be caught in every estuary in the Indian Ocean, it seems.

Perch spawn in winter, at the same time as the annual sardine run, here in KZN, South Africa.

In as much as catching perch on a lure is the most fun of all – catching them on bait is easier.

All the many styles and methods for catching perch are detailed in this section.

We need to look after our perch. Perch are extremely slow-growing fish and can take 20 years to fully grow.

Equipment for catching perch includes a basic estuary rod and reel set, and an estuary kit from Mydo Fishing Lures. Which includes all you need to catch and release (and photograph) your trophy perch.