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Get your MYDO kit online

Get your MYDO kit online

Get your MYDO kit online.

Get your MYDO kit online. Integrating with Teespring, as set up by The Sardine News and TLC, we are able to offer you some really cool and well-presented merchandise nowadays!

Check it out!

The kit is drop-shipped from the US somewhere. Where it is put together and posted to you anywhere in the world. In just a few weeks from order to printing to delivery. Teespring have been around for quite some time now, and have nothing but good reviews and great results. And this really high-speed delivery service level of nowadays, will surprise you with its accuracy and timeousness.

You can browse our TeeSpring Storefront by following this link:

Please let us know how it goes if you do make an order. So we can make sure of your 100% satisfaction! There are many ways to get in touch with the MYDO team on the Contact page.

From The Sardine News

If you would like any assistance in setting up your own online drop-shipping store, contact Sean on or +27793269671. The Sardine News provides web services like programming and hosting through our marketing and AI Company Tiger Lily Consulting (Pty) Ltd. We do a lot better of a job than Facey and the rest of them with your advertising budget and your bottom line too.

Try us out!

The Sardine News is also featured on YouTube with a jam-packed set of playlists and channels. Like and subscribe to see more, in the meantime, here is the latest in Sardine News this sardine filled July 2020…

The Sardine News Channel on YouTube as at July 2020.

Liking and subscribing keeps up going. We can also advertise your business for you – to our super select audience. On our many available platforms and content channels. Complete websites to classifieds ads.

Post by The Sardine News for MYDO Fishing Lures.

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